A TERMINALLY ill mum-of-four’s delight at reaching her near £100,000 fundraising target has turned to despair.

For Trudie Murphy, 37, of Tranent, has learnt she will now have to raise double that amount for potentially life-saving treatment.

Trudie was diagnosed with a inoperable brain tumour in July last year and has spent the last 12 months raising thousands of pounds for proton beam therapy.

One incredible donor to the ‘Save Trudie Campaign’, set up for her to “get the urgent treatment she needs to stay alive for her four children”, gave nearly £16,000 – even though he is a complete stranger.

Mr Paul Jensen’s incredible kindness helped her fundraising get to £90,000 – the sum she was told she needed for treatment in Prague.

But she recently received the bombshell news she would not be able to receive proton beam therapy in the Czech Republic without a biopsy, which she is unable to have.

Trudie described reaching the £90,000 sum but knowing it was not enough as “bittersweet” and “a total mix of emotions”.

She has since reached out to Mr Jensen to thank him and said: “£16,000 and you don’t know who it is.

“I had sent him a personal message thanking him but did not get any response back. You want to be able to thank people.

“Don’t get me wrong, every donation all mounts up to the end goal and it is not as if I appreciate one donation more than another but it is a hell of a lot of money for any one person to donate, especially with what’s going on.”

Instead, she now wants to travel to the USA for proton beam therapy but has been warned that the cost could be in excess of £200,000.

East Lothian Courier: Trudie with husband DaveTrudie with husband Dave

Trudie told the Courier: “We hit the £90,000 target and at the moment I can no longer go to Prague for treatment.

“They are not willing to carry it out without a biopsy being taken.

“I then kept looking and there is a hospital in the US that is willing to do it without a biopsy but the reality of that is it is £200,000 just for the proton beam therapy there.”

Trudie, who worked part-time in Tranent’s Asda store, has approached charity Maggie’s about potentially funding part of the cost.

However, she is still likely to need to raise an additional six-figure sum to cover the cost of the trip and the treatment.

Trudie was referred to hospital last year and underwent brain and spinal MRIs after it was thought she had Multiple Sclerosis. However, the diagnosis in July 2020 was that she had an inoperable brain tumour and a biopsy and chemotherapy were ruled out by experts because of the location of the tumour.

She said: “It feels like a lifetime ago; it feels like so long ago. It consumes every moment of every day because having to do the fundraising stuff means you are constantly having to face it.

“You are not getting a break to switch off from it. It definitely feels like forever and it is really taxing on yourself but at the same time it feels quick as well. It is something that is hanging over your head and I am wanting it over and done with. It is going to feel like it is going on forever but we’re at £90,000 already and it might just take another push to get there.”

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Trudie, mum to Josh (18), Naomi (16), Zak (12) and nine-year-old Skye, has been limited in her fundraising opportunities due to the coronavirus pandemic.

She has been holding garage sales outside her home on Tranent’s Bankpark Grange but the easing of restrictions means she can finally host an event.

Next Saturday (August 28), at The Wiremill, Musselburgh, marks the first physical event as restrictions have been eased.

Trudie, who tied the knot with husband Dave less than three years ago, said: “It is from 7.30pm till late and we have got good prizes. We have got a PS5 games console up for raffle and they are like gold dust at the moment.

“We have got a tombola on the night and there is a DJ and things. This is the first physical fundraiser and I want it to be as much of a success as possible.

“Tickets can be purchased from the venue or they can get in touch with me on Facebook.”

To make a donation, go to www.gofundme.com/f/treatment-for-trudie