A FALLING out between two males ended in a violent confrontation which saw one suffer a knife injury.

Jamie Wardlaw and Jack Pollard became friends while the pair were dating two women.

But the friendship turned sour when Wardlaw, 22, was accused of talking behind his former friend’s back after Mr Pollard had broken up with his partner.

Edinburgh Sheriff Court was told that “the complainer believed the accused had been speaking ill of him behind his back”.

The pair then spoke to each other on the phone and “a fight was arranged between the two”.

Both men arrived at the meeting point on Salters Road, Wallyford, in separate vehicles.

Mr Pollard was said to have “approached the accused’s car and opened the driver’s door” to speak to Wardlaw.

The court heard there was then “a flurry of punches” between the two men before Wardlaw reached out and grabbed hold of a knife which had been in his car.

Mr Pollard was pulled away by a friend but suffered an injury to his hand after he had come into contact with the blade.

He was taken to hospital for treatment to the wound and had stitches inserted.

Police were called and, when they arrived at the fight scene, Wardlaw was still there waiting on them arriving. He was subsequently cautioned and charged.

Lawyer Rebecca Weissgerber said that her client had the knife in his car as he was previously working as a carpet fitter and had been doing “a homer”.

The solicitor said that Wardlaw, of Lewisvale Avenue, Musselburgh, was now an apprentice plumber and the former friends had been dating two cousins before falling out.

She said that during the fight between the men Mr Pollard was injured after he “went to grab the knife and cut his thumb”.

Ms Weissgerber added that this was the first time Wardlaw had come to the attention of the police and the first time he had appeared in court.

The court heard that Mr Pollard was taken to hospital by his friends and Wardlaw had stayed at the scene waiting on the police to arrive.

Sheriff Douglas Keir said: “I note you are remorseful as to what happened that day.

“But it is very, very poor behaviour and there is no need for any of that at all. This has been a harsh lesson learned.”

Wardlaw was fined a total of £470.

Wardlaw admitted to an amended charge of committing a breach of the peace by engaging in a fight and brandishing a knife at Jack Pollard whereby he was injured at Salters Road, Wallyford, on June 8, 2019.