ANNAN Estate Agents & Solicitors has closed its Musselburgh office, which has a new life as a nail bar.

Owner Michael Annan, who also has an office on Portobello High Street, said he felt, after reassessing matters that it was a “luxury” to have two offices so decided to lease out his premises at 84 High Street in Musselburgh.

He stressed that his business would retain window space at the new nail bar for displaying properties for sale.

The two full-time employees at Musselburgh have transferred to the Portobello office, taking the total number of staff there to seven.

Mr Annan said: “As a firm, we realised that, due to the enormity of the impact caused to society in general terms by Covid-19, we had to reassess matters. We discussed how our experience of the property sector was continuing to change and that the further emergence on online and social media was of utmost importance.

“As a result, our Musselburgh office, which was established in 2016, was a luxury which we could no longer justify. An alternative investment is to create our informative and slick new website, which is currently being built, and will result in a greatly improved user experience on mobile, tablet and desktop usage.

“We have transferred our colleagues to our Portobello office to consolidate matters. I have leased the office out, retained a section of window display holders and the existing telephone number is forwarded on to Portobello.”