CREATIVE and impressive decorations have led to winners being crowned in a trio of Dunbar Civic Week competitions.

The annual summer celebration was scaled back due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, organisers were determined some events would still take place, with a Best Dressed House, Best Dressed Scarecrow and Best Dressed Window competition.

A spokesman for the Dunbar Civic Week committee said: “Given current circumstances, this has provided some light relief and entertainment to the town in place of our usual Civic Week festivities. These competitions have been very ably organised once again by Eileen Moore, now in her fourth year as event organiser for Civic Week.

“All prizewinners are given vouchers to spend at local businesses: £100 for first prize, £50 for second, and £25 for third prize.

“Our sponsor this year is Community Windpower, and the not-inconsiderable task of organising funding and delivery of vouchers to the winners was conducted by Alasdair Swan, treasurer of Dunbar Community Council.

“A treasure hunt was organised by Pippa Swan, chairwoman of Dunbar Community Council. Twenty stones were painted by local artist Mike Till and positioned in shop windows. Youngsters were encouraged to find the stones and record their location, with prizes of £10 for the first 10 correct entries.

“We sincerely hope that next year will see a return to our normal format for Civic Week when we can once again have a Royal Court, parade, and a week-long programme of activities.”

Results: Best House: 1 Down by the Sea – Jacob Newman and Anne Low; 2 Dunbar… Something for Everyone – Aimi Tully; 3 Dunbar’s Fisherwomen and Men – Nicola Tait.

Best Window: 1 Cowboys Love Dunbar Beach – Cara Rollo-Gunn; 2 Summer Fun – Co-op High Street (Christine Maclaughlan); 3 Our Wonderful Dunbar – Holly and Amy West.

Best Scarecrow: 1 Letham Litter Pickers – Helen Hall and Karen Bell; 2 Belhaven Bob – Hannah and Matthew Ward; Joint 3 John Muir – Sheila Elliot, and Gone Fishing – Emmy and Llewyn Sangha.

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