A RESIDENT has been angered by litter left over from a 13-year-old’s ‘birthday party’ at Musselburgh Lagoons.

The mess last Wednesday consisted of empty alcohol bottles, birthday badges, cards and broken glass.

A community member was disappointed when she came across the piles of rubbish abandoned at the popular walking spot.

They said in a post on Facebook: “Really disappointing that someone celebrated their 13th birthday yesterday at the Lagoons and thought it was okay to leave all their rubbish, including broken glass, all over the Lagoons.”

When asked what she would say to those responsible, the woman said: “I picked up your rubbish and put it back in the tub you actually brought with you.

“If you are looking for your birthday cards from grandparents and family, they are in the tub at the side of the bin.”

And she added: “This is disgusting behaviour: some of us take pride in our area and have dogs that do not deserve to hurt themselves from broken glass.”