As you reported in last week’s Courier, there was a serious accident at the foot of [the B6369] Cockles Brae [south of Haddington] involving a motorcycle and a car.

I have driven that road daily for the past 30 years and am only too aware of the blind summits and hidden dips, especially on either side of the bend where the accident occurred.

People unused to the road pull out to pass cyclists, slow-moving tractors and farm vehicles.

It appears that is what happened in the case you reported when a car moved out to overtake a slow-moving tractor and struck the motorcycle which had been obscured from view.

Ironically, it is only within the past two or three weeks that a sign saying ‘Hidden Dip’ has been erected.

The white lines on this stretch are broken white lines which do not alert drivers to danger and the new sign is merely advisory.

What is required as a matter of urgency is for double white lines to be painted on the whole of that bend, taking in the hidden dips and blind summits on either side of it.

It is an offence to cross double white lines and drivers would have their minds concentrated more by their presence.

This road is getting busier and busier, especially with cyclists, and the matter requires urgent attention before somebody is killed.

Donald Lewis

Pine Cottage

Beech Hill