A COUNTY high school is allowing pupils to watch Scotland's Euro 2020 opener on Monday afternoon - and letting youngsters wear tartan if they wish to support Steve Clarke's boys.

East Lothian Council says it is up to individual schools to decide whether to let kids follow the 2pm kick-off in class but has stressed it is a "normal working day".

Preston Lodge High School, via its parent council, has been the first secondary school to announce it will let their youngsters watch the match against the Czechs.

In a post on Facebook today, the parent council of the Prestonpans school said: "Our new timetable coincides with Scotland’s first football match in a major tournament in 23 years and, like most secondary schools, we have decided to allow students to follow the match.

"This is a great opportunity, after a tough year, for us all to participate in a big national event. Students will follow their new timetable on Monday afternoon, watching the game in class groupings to maximise safety.

"An opportunity to either complete coursework or watch content of their choice will be available for students who do not wish to follow the match.

"Classes will change somewhere around the 35th minute of the first half, and the game is likely to finish around 3.50pm, so students will head home midway through the second half."

Preston Lodge High School. Image: Google Maps

Preston Lodge High School. Image: Google Maps

And the statement added: "There will be an opportunity to stay in school until the end of the game should students wish to, and those taking up this option should inform families themselves if they plan to do this.

"Although it is a normal school uniform day, students are welcome to wear tartan, blue or white items to school if they wish. Fingers crossed we have something to celebrate!"

The council told the Courier on Friday that it was up to schools to make the decision to let pupils watch the Hampden match.

A spokesperson for East Lothian Council said: "Monday is a normal working school day so it is up to individual schools to decide whether they allow children to watch it.

"There won't be any sort of change to the usual day. With kick-off at 2pm, children wouldn't be able to watch the whole match at school.

"We don't expect schools to be showing the match at all."