PUPILS and staff at Musselburgh Burgh Primary School let their hair down in a May Day of Play, enjoying everything from creating a cardboard city to mud painting.

Youngsters from nursery to P7 took part in at least two outdoor play activities, including construction, as well as classroom-based fun.

One of the highlights of the day was creating a cardboard city, with the children transforming boxes into all sorts of models. Their imagination ran wild, with everything from an Olaf snowman to a rocket with a lever made.

Amy Hainey, principal teacher and P1 class teacher, said the children had displayed “huge resilience” through a “difficult year” amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

“They deserved a day which ultimately focused on them having fun with their friends,” she added.

“Having a whole day of play really allowed us as a school to focus on the children’s mental, social and emotional wellbeing through the freedom of play.

“I spent a lot of the day walking around the playground observing the children in their play and the atmosphere was something special. There was a sense of excitement, engagement and laughter. Even our school staff were playing and having fun.

“Of course, we strongly believe at the Burgh that you are never too old to play.

“I have had positive comments from our families about the impact our day of play has had on their child, which makes me feel very proud.”

Emily Macdonald, principal teacher, said: “Our May Day of Play was a great success and, linked with Outdoor Classroom Day, gave pupils and staff more opportunities to play and develop skills outwith the classroom.”