CONGREGATION members are being urged to swap four wheels for two when attending services and events at an historic church.

The Vestry (trustees) of St Anne’s Church, which stands on Dunbar’s Westgate and dates back to the 1800s, is aiming to reduce vehicle use among the congregation and users of the church.

Now, representatives of the church are asking East Lothian Council to allow them to install a bicycle rack.

A supporting statement with the plans, which have been lodged with the local authority’s planning department, notes: “The Vestry therefore proposes to install a bicycle rack adjacent to the porch entrance of the church to provide a safe and convenient location for building users to secure their bicycles…

“At the same time, the open access to the rack will allow for use by the general public and compensate to an extent for the general lack of bicycle racks at the north end of Dunbar High Street.

“The rack is located in a convenient location to the entrance of the church, with minimum impact on the general appearance of the church and garden.

“The area will be paved with the same paving slabs as for the existing entrance pathway.”