A JOINT action group working against anti-social behaviour, fly-tipping, littering and misuse of communal areas at ‘the Wimpeys’ housing estate in Musselburgh is continuing its efforts this year.

The Problem Solving Partnership (PSP) was formed last November to address concerns and has since met three


A council-funded day of action was held last December which allowed residents to dispose of unwanted items free of charge, and which saw the removal of dumped items from communal gardens and stairs, the identification and undertaking of communal repairs, and the carrying out of daily inspections of the area by local community wardens.

Future plans include organising a day of community action in the summer that will focus on littering and the removal of unwanted items from communal areas.

Kenneth Black, East Lothian Council’s Safer Communities team manager and chairman of the PSP, said: “Anti-social behaviour in whatever form will not be tolerated.

“It is hoped that this joined-up approach represented by the work of the PSP will deliver long-term solutions to the problems that are being reported.”

Mandy Rudden, the area’s community housing manager, added: “Community housing staff will continue to engage with local residents and partner agencies to address the issues raised.

“The day of action was a great success and allowed many unwanted or dumped items to be uplifted from common areas and for residents to put items on the kerbside for collection.

“We are looking to consult with residents again over the next few months with a view to establishing a tenants’ and residents’ association to enable us to work together to identify areas of concern and work with partner agencies to improve the quality of life for residents in the Wimpeys.”

Anti-social behaviour can be reported to East Lothian Council via the anti-social behaviour helpline on 01875 824 307, by emailing asb@eastlothian.gov.ukor online at eastlothian.gov.uk