VIRTUAL hugs were the order of the day for residents of an East Lothian care home after they received specially made cards from the children of Elphinstone Primary School Nursery.

The cards, featuring a love heart with hugging arms and containing the message “Big hugs from the children of Elphinstone nursery”, were sent to residents of Carberry Residential Home, near Whitecraig.

The kind-hearted little ones also made a wall hanging of a tree, whose blossom was made with the wee ones’ fingerprints.

One card, with a loveheart and hugging arms

One card, with a loveheart and hugging arms

Gillian Burke, senior early years practitioner at the school, said: “We have spoken about how much we are missing hugs from our loved ones.

“Some of the children have not seen their grandparents for a long time and some of the residents will not have seen their families for a long time.

“The nursery has not been able to visit the care home but we want to let the residents know we are thinking of them and hope we will be able to visit them again soon.”

The message inside the cards

The message inside the cards

Rochelle Scott, manager of Carberry Residential Home, said: “Our residents were delighted to receive such a lovely, thoughtful gift.

“It’s sad that we can’t see the children just now, so they were delighted to know that the children were still thinking of them.

“We’ve got really good community links with them, we often go to the school; so it’s been quite difficult not having that and it was really nice to know they were still thinking of us.

“We’ve displayed the tree in our dining room so everybody can see it.”