STAFF at the Pinkie Farm store in Musselburgh brought a smile to people's faces today with an April Fool's Day joke.

They announced, via Facebook, that they were turning their talents to a new career in the music industry.

Telling customers that their debut album was out today, they posted: "Just when you were asking yourself 'is there anything they can't do?', Pinkie Farm drop the hottest album of 2021."

Supposedly launching on all major streaming platforms, music lovers were invited to pre-order their CD and vinyl in-store now, with tour dates announced in the coming months.

Store manager Dan Brown confirmed it was an April Fool's joke, saying: "We've seen a lot of the bigger companies coming out with some pretty good April Fools over the last few years and so we thought we'd get involved too!

"With everything that's been going on over the last year, we thought everyone, including us, could do with a laugh."