Why are education staff still waiting for their Covid vaccination?

It beggars belief that classroom assistants, ASN nursery nurses and teachers still do not have their vaccinations against Covid; these individuals have to deal with children and young adults at close contact and there seems to be a hold-up.

If the NHS and the Scottish Government want to try to stop the spread of this virus then why are they saying that children must go back to school but not all the staff have been vaccinated and are just to put themselves in possible danger?

Unison knows that the NHS are busy and are doing a wonderful job; however, it makes their jobs and education staff's jobs even harder with the decisions the Scottish Government takes.

Unison would like to say well done to all East Lothian Council staff that have worked consistently over the last year.

Michael Dunlop

Unison Branch Secretary

East Lothian Council Unison Branch

John Muir House