POLICE are targeting anti-social behaviour “hot spots” in the Musselburgh area.

Youths congregating around the Brunton Hall, North High Street and Fishers Wynd have been highlighted by East Lothian Police as engaging in anti-social behaviour, during the day and into the evening.

East Lothian Police said: “Local residents and businesses are suffering from the issues this particular group are causing, ranging from vandalism to property to intimidating members of the public.

“Enquiry is ongoing to identify the group, identify offences and charge and report where appropriate.”

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Police have identified reducing anti-social behaviour as a “policing priority” and will be carrying out regular foot patrols in the area over the coming weeks.

Damage and littering, at Musselburgh Racecourse in particular, is also proving a problem.

East Lothian Courier: Littering at Musselburgh Racecourse

Littering at Musselburgh Racecourse

Police are working with the racecourse to identify any offenders.

They have also appealed to parents and carers to ask their children where they intend to go, where they have been and with whom, to ensure they are not involved in anti-social behaviour.

Community officers also carried out quad bike patrols in response to numerous complaints from the public regarding off-road motorbikes and anti-social behaviour in Carberry and the Crossgatehall area, as well as Ormiston Bing.

East Lothian Courier: Community officers have been using quad bikes to carry out some patrols. Image: East Lothian Police

Community officers have been using quad bikes to carry out some patrols. Image: East Lothian Police

East Lothian Police said: “These patrols will continue as we look to deter and educate members of the public in relation to off-road bikes.

“If you use an off-road bike on public roads you are required to have insurance, a valid MOT, tax and have notified DVLA that it is registered for use on the road.

“The rider must have completed the relevant driving tests.

“If the bike is a 125cc or less, a CBT [compulsory basic training] will suffice, as long as the bike is displaying ‘L’ plates.

“If you require any further information, please contact Police Scotland on 101.”