GOLF, surfing and fishing might be considered popular pastimes in Dunbar, but what about skiing?

The blanket of snow earlier this month gave Dunbar Primary School pupil Cameron Bunyan the chance to dig out his skis and take to the slopes.

Mum Kirsty said that the 10-year-old turned a few heads when he was zipping down the hill at Winterfield Golf Club, near Belhaven Bay.

She said: “He went out sledging in the morning and decided he wanted to get his skis out.

“He will not get to use them this year [otherwise] but it was a bit of an unusual occurrence to be able to ski on the golf course!

“He has skied since he was little, since he was four or five years old, and it is one of his favourite things.

“We tend to go on holiday every year and ski in France but it is a wee bit different on the course.”

Plenty of people were out enjoying the snowfall last week, with dozens of sledgers and walkers.

Kirsty said that the P6 pupil at Dunbar Primary School had to slalom round a few of those sledgers when he was making his way downhill but had a good time.