A PODCAST promoting positive mental and physical health has been launched by two teachers.

‘Keeping it Sunny in Dunny’ took to the airwaves this month for the first time and attracted listeners from as far afield as New Zealand, the USA and Canada, as well as closer to home.

Ellie Galbraith and Gill Carnie, PE teachers at Dunbar Grammar School, launched the lockdown podcast and have already recorded two episodes.

The two teachers spoke to Tom Wilson, from mental health charity Support & Offload, for the first ever episode.

Miss Galbraith, 25, said: “It was really good.

“We were both so nervous but Tom was really good and it was not his first podcast.

“He was leading the way and was really interesting.”

Melanie Woods, a PE teacher who was paralysed after a horrific car accident, is the guest on the second podcast.

The accident saw Melanie thrown off her bike in January 2018 and paralysed from the waist down.

Miss Carnie told the Courier: “It is about promoting positive mental and physical wellbeing, barriers at situations or overcoming something.

“We are trying to get a diverse audience.”

Miss Galbraith, who has taught at the secondary school for about two years, said the idea for a podcast came about after hearing something on the radio.

The two hosts work through Zoom, along with their guest, before school colleague Michael Stewart, who has joined the podcast crew, edits the show.

Miss Carnie, who has also been at the school for two years, was similarly pleased with the reaction to the show.

She added: “We are pretty overwhelmed.

“We started as a school initiative and it has gone a bit wider, with interest from different schools and departments saying it is great and they want to promote it in their school.

“Friends that have gone to university with us have also said they are going to promote it in their schools.”

And the teachers both have ambitious targets for who they would like to see on the podcast.

Miss Carnie would love to chat to three-time Grand Slam winner and Olympic gold medallist Sir Andy Murray, with both teachers keen to speak to a doctor who has been in the news.

Miss Galbraith said: “I’ve sent Dr Alex [from Love Island] a few DMs. He has now become an ambassador for young mental health.

“He would be amazing and he has grieved for his brother and gone through a lot of challenging things.

“He is somebody parents would know from his time on Love Island and he would be quite cool.

“Ultimately, somebody like Joe Wicks would be great.”

To listen to the podcast, go to soundcloud.com/dgsradio/sunny-in-dunny-episode-1