MUSSELBURGH’S MSP is urging people to be patient after receiving correspondence from worried residents who have not yet been contacted about their Covid-19 jab.

He said: “Our health workers are going as fast as they can to roll this vaccine out and ensure it is distributed as widely as possible. Please do not contact your GP to ask when you will receive your vaccination as this will overwhelm our health services.

“The nature of the vaccination is that it is a rollout, so it is very normal that many in each category will not have heard about an appointment in the first week or two of their priority group. Not everyone in the group will get the vaccine on day one.

“There will be several weeks of calling people forward within each priority group, so if you haven’t heard anything in the first period of the vaccination target dates, this is nothing to worry about and you will undoubtedly be contacted soon after.

“Within each priority group, the GP surgery will determine who gets what appointment and they will take into consideration differences in overall health. Some younger than you may get the vaccination more quickly because they may be assigned to a different GP, clinic or distribution centre and therefore they are working to a different list.

“I do, of course, understand that people are anxious and eager to be vaccinated but the best thing we can do right now is let our health workers, who are the experts in this, work through their lists as quickly as they can and not hinder them by overwhelming them with enquiries.”

Mr Beattie, who also represents Midlothian North, also urged constituents to take up the offer of the vaccine, saying: “We all know that the best way we can protect ourselves and others from Covid-19 is by getting vaccinated.

“I would like to encourage everyone who is offered the vaccine to ensure that they take it for the good of the public health in Scotland.

“If you have concerns, the best place to get more information is by contacting the Covid-19 vaccination helpline on 0800 030 8013.”