A CAMPAIGN to curb the speed of traffic through Inveresk will continue this year.

Members of Inveresk Village Society, who are spearheading the initiative, are keen to see the temporary 20mph limits, installed as part of East Lothian Council’s country-wide ‘Spaces for People’ scheme, become a permanent fixture in the village.

In his chairman’s report, John Manning said: “Vehicles travel through the village too fast, risking the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers. Fortunately, no one has been critically injured but we have had road traffic accidents in and near the village.”

He stressed that a range of measures was needed to gradually change drivers’ behaviour.

These included reducing the speed limit, which the society has been working on for some time, with Councillor Katie Mackie’s support.

Mr Manning said the society would be campaigning for the temporary 20mph limits to stay, for tree pruning to ensure signs were visible, and for the roadway to feel “village-like”.

He said: “East Lothian Council has agreed to remove the saplings and tidy the verge on the eastern (field) side of Carberry Road and prune the trees by the speed limit signs on the edge of the village.”

He added: “We have also highlighted that Cowpits Road needs improvements to make it safer for people using The Grove river path and suggested limiting parking on the corner where the path exits.”

Mr Manning said: “The police have kept us informed of their activities to monitor and reduce speed.

“Anyone can report speeders to the police by calling 101 or going online at scotland.police.uk

The society would like to see concerned motorists setting an example by adhering to the speed limit and showing the correct speed to others.

Mr Manning added: “In 2021 we will continue to seek a balance between the wide open feeling that Inveresk is known for and messages to drivers to keep their speed to a safe limit.”