AN ADVENTUROUS cat has lived up to his name after an eight-mile journey across roads and council boundaries.

Rambo had been missing for four weeks and had managed to travel from his home in Bonnyrigg, in Midlothian, to Elphinstone, in East Lothian.

The eight-mile journey saw him cross busy roads but sadly somewhere along the way he suffered an eye injury, which resulted in the eye needing to be removed.

Fiona Thorburn, Scottish SPCA inspector, was pleased to say Rambo was now back home.

She said: “I’m so happy I was able to reunite Rambo with his family who have been worried for the last four weeks.

“Poor Rambo ran into some trouble on his travels and somehow injured himself.

“Thankfully he was microchipped so I could take him straight to his owners, who rushed him to Dick Vet Small Animal Hospital.

“It is so important to have your pets microchipped so that, as in this case, owners can be traced quickly.

“Unfortunately, the vets were unable to save Rambo’s eye which had been punctured.

“Thankfully Rambo didn’t lose any weight whilst he was away, as he was sneaking into a member of the public’s home through a cat flap and stealing their food for two weeks!

“Eventually they managed to shut him in their home and called our helpline.

“Rambo has settled well after his operation and is happy to be back with his owners who missed him so much that they let him sleep in their bed as a treat!”

If anyone finds an injured stray, please contact out animal helpline on 03000 999 999.