A WASHING machine was launched at police from a third-floor window after officers arrived to break up a rowdy house party.

Ajdin Husic, 25, and Nathan Hill, 30, also threw a hoover, two radiators and bottles at the officers before homophobic abuse was shouted at them in Haddington.

Hill then attempted to escape arrest by jumping out of a window but was caught after injuring himself and hiding out in a bush in a nearby garden.

The two men appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court last Friday, where they pleaded guilty to culpably and recklessly throwing multiple items out of the flat window and endangering police officers.

Hill also admitted making homophobic remarks to officers, while partygoer Sophie Dudgeon also pleaded guilty to making threats towards officers, including threatening to kill their children.

Prosecutor Heather Carmichael told the court that police were called out to deal with the “noisy party” at Husic’s home at the town’s High Street at about 11pm on June 19 last year.

Husic, c/o HMP Edinburgh, told the officers that there was no party ongoing and denied them entry to the property by slamming the front door.

The officers were then making their way back to their vehicle when they came under attack as Husic and Hill rained bottles down onto the street below from the flat window.

The pair also lobbed various household items out of the third-floor flat, including a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner and metal radiators.

The court was told that police were forced to close off streets and paths surrounding the area after the police vehicle suffered damaged to the bonnet and windscreen.

Hill and Husic were later found hiding in a back garden close to the party flat, after Hill was said to have injured his ankle by jumping from a second-floor stair window.

Dudgeon, 18, from Tranent, was arrested along with several others when she left the property about two hours after the incident began.

The teenager was taken to St Leonard’s Police Station in Edinburgh and after sobering up she “became abusive” towards officers” and made “threats towards their families”.

Ms Carmichael said that Dudgeon called the officers “f***ing paedos” and shouted comments including: “I wish your kids will die.”

Lawyer Calum Turner said that Husic, who appeared via a video link from HMP Edinburgh, had lost his tenancy due to the incident and, if released on bail, the labourer would have to register as homeless.

Murray Robertson, acting for Hill, said that his client was a plumber who had recently become a father.

The solicitor admitted that Hill had engaged in “frankly shocking behaviour”.

While solicitor Andrew Docherty said that Dudgeon, who was excused attendance at the hearing, was “embarrassed by her behaviour” and agreed that her comments had been “despicable”.

Sheriff Kenneth Campbell QC remanded Husic in custody and deferred sentence on him and Hill to later this month.

Sentence on Dudgeon was deferred for six months for her to be of good behaviour.