TRIBUTES have been paid to kind-hearted members of the community for spreading festive cheer in Elphinstone.

Community group TeamElphy was set up in March last year in a bid to offer support to people in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

That came at the same time as the Roots and Fruits shop in the village closed its doors due to the pandemic.

Members of the public came forward with a variety of donations to TeamElphy, while also helping two local good causes.

Pamela McKinlay, from TeamElphy, was delighted with the response.

She said: “The one positive thing to come out of this pandemic is the community spirit, friendships, partnerships, everyone helping each other in any way they can.

“The support we have been given to enable us to help others has been amazing; we are lost for words.

“In November, we announced we would be collecting selection boxes and small gifts for the children in the community, part of TeamElphy.

“At that point, we were unaware of how great the need was to ensure Santa came to everyone.

“For seven weeks, our wee shop has had people come every day dropping off gifts for these families.

“People across the miles, from near and far, have come to Elphinstone to support us.

“Thanks to all of you, every family have more than they need.

“For obvious reasons, you will be unable to see photos of the children’s faces with the difference you have made but we can tell you most of the parents were in tears, very emotional; the majority had never had help before.

“Due to the number of people who supported us, we are not going to thank individuals as we would most likely forget someone.

“We were donated everything from mince pies, clothes, toys, money, selection boxes – you name it, we were given it.”

The group has also boosted the coffers of two other groups through a raffle.

A total of £450 was raised, with the money split between Fa’side Community Kitchen and East Lothian Sunday Fresh Chicken Dinner Boxes.

Pamela added: “On December 21, TeamElphy brought Santa to Elphinstone!

“The sleigh was made by a family in the community.

“Our very own Councillor Colin McGinn played a great part and brought lots of Christmas cheer to the village.

“We would like to say a massive thank you to every single one of you who has helped us in any way; you have made our wee project proud.”