CHAMELEON Lady, a band of Old Lorettonians from Musselburgh, have released their new single, which was written in the midst of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Called Lucky One, the song is very personal to drummer/guitarist Robbie Hutchison, a former Loretto School pupil, as it conveys his emotions over the past year.

The single projects his difficulties in being isolated on his own for the duration of the lockdown whilst also struggling to come to terms with the complicated relationships within his personal life.

Robbie plays in the band along with his sister Caitlin, who also went to Loretto, and their dad Kenny who taught music at Loretto for 20 years, his nephew Michael Fitzpatrick, and Cameron Middlemass and his brother Tom, both former Loretto pupils.

In a statement, the band, which plays a blend of folk, rock and pop, said: “These emotions are conveyed through a fictional story in the song. Due to the strong family ties in the band, it was natural to share and convey these emotions and made it easier when adding parts and ideas to Robbie’s already personal track. All of this has allowed us to write, record and produce a song that we are very proud of and incredibly excited to share.”

Tom, guitarist and drummer, Cameron, lead vocalist, and Robbie first started making music together in 2016 while still at school. They procured small busking shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, leading to private events and pub gigs which began flooding in. They went on to gain Michael on bass, Kenny playing keys and Caitlin on fiddle to complete the ensemble.

The single is available on Apple Music, Spotify and all other music streaming sites.