A JELLYFISH which glows purple-blue has been discovered on the East Lothian coastline for the first time.

The creature, measuring about 12 centimetres in diameter, was found on the strand line at Aberlady.

East Lothian Council Countryside Rangers confirmed that the jellyfish, which has a clear centre and ribbed streaky outer ring, was a first for the county.

They took to social media to say: “The jellyfish reported last week has been confirmed as Aequorea vitrina.

“It is only the seventh record for Scotland and the first for the east coast, although, as with many marine creatures, it could well be under recorded.

“It is known to fluoresce with a purple-blue colour.

“It has no common name, but is part of a group of related species known as glass or crystal jellyfish.

“The proteins that are involved in the bioluminescence were discovered by a Japanese organic chemist who went on to earn a Nobel Prize for his work.”