THREE fishermen have teamed up to deliver a ‘creel’ festive flavour in Dunbar Harbour.

Ryan Stewart, Liam Brunton and Casey Brunton used more than 80 creels to create a unique version of a Christmas tree beneath Dunbar Castle.

The display comes complete with lights and even a traditional orange and white lifebuoy at the top in place of a star or angel.

Ryan, 21, skipper of Ocean Crest, said: “Liam just messaged me a few days ago with the idea.

“They have done it other places through the west but I have never seen anything like it here.

“The response has been quite good and Quentin Dimmer, the harbourmaster, says everybody has been happy with it.”

Between 80 and 90 creels were used to create the tree, which measures about five metres in height.

Together, Liam, who fishes from Welcome Home, and Casey, who fishes near Aberdeen, along with Ryan and Quentin, spent four hours constructing the 'tree'.

Quentin felt that the display had really caught the eye of people visiting the harbour and praised the trio for their efforts.

He said: “They are the up and coming younger generation of fishermen and, now with young children themselves, they wanted to bring a bit of festive cheer to Dunbar Harbour after what has been a difficult year for many people.

“Almost straight away after it was completed, people were taking photos and the social media posts were very popular in the town and families were taking their children to see it.

“It was so nice to see so many people smiling as they visited the harbour.”