MORE planters have been installed along the east end of North Berwick High Street following a virtual ‘stakeholder’ meeting which highlighted the continued vandalism of plastic bollards which were being used to create wider pavements.

Representatives from North Berwick Community Council, the town’s business association, North Berwick Coastal Area Partnership, cycling groups and ward councillors met virtually and discussed a review of the current temporary measures aimed at improving active travel.

Councillor Norman Hampshire, East Lothian Council’s environment spokesperson, said: “Unfortunately, the bollards have been subjected to continued vandalism and the maintenance burden of continually replacing damaged bollards is unsustainable. Replacing these with further planters is a temporary measure and supports future aspirations for the town centre.”

It was agreed that the bollards currently sited on North Berwick High Street would be replaced with a number of planters as a temporary measure pending the implementation of the previously agreed charrette scheme for the town, which includes a trial of widened pavements.

Mr Hampshire added: “The North Berwick charrette scheme has been developed in partnership with local representatives over the last few years, but its implementation was put on hold earlier this year due to the need to quickly implement Spaces for People measures in response to the pandemic.

“The Spaces for People scheme on High Street has been widely welcomed by local businesses and community groups, who appreciate the extra space. However, its temporary nature meant that the bollards were easy to remove, and we were continually having to replace them.”

It is hoped the measures identified in the charrette scheme will be introduced early next year for a 12-month trial.