On numerous occasions during the past week, I have travelled by car between Cockenzie and Prestonpans and have been held up by cyclists two abreast on the road because of traffic coming in the opposite direction.

I was under the impression that the newly constructed pathway along this road was for the explicit use and safety of cyclists and at the same time allowing traffic to move more freely. However, this is being completely ignored by the serious cyclists from further west, probably because there is no signage indicating such a facility.

It does seem to have been a complete waste of funds constructing this pathway, especially when councils are having to make serious budget cuts or, if funds were available, could have been used to repair the large amount of potholes to the highways, thereby reducing vehicle repairs, especially during the pandemic, when public transport is being used minimally and car sharing is not advised. I would hope that East Lothian Council will take cognizance of this.

Douglas Farquhar

East Lorimer Place