A 14-year-old boy was allegedly allowed to buy three large bottles of strong alcohol from a Tranent shop after promising to return later with proof of his age.

It is claimed that the youngster walked out of the Day Today shop, on Bridge Street, with two 75cl bottles of Mad Dog fortified wine and a bottle of Cactus Jack Schnapps, without a challenge.

The matter came to light after he was found with the alcohol and his stepmother called the police.

Police Scotland have now asked East Lothian Licensing Board to review the off-sales licence held by the shop in the wake of the incident.

A report to the board from police revealed that the stepmother of the teenage boy contacted them after he allegedly admitted buying the alcohol from the shop.

The incident was reported to police on October 2 after the boy told his family where he had allegedly bought the alcohol and claimed he had not been challenged about his age.

The report revealed the boy's father went to the store and confronted the person who allegedly sold his son the alcohol.

It is alleged that this person told the dad that the teenager was 18 and had "said he would return to the store at a later time with proof of age documentation".

The report said that store manager May Duncan, who is the personal liquor licence holder and was not involved in the incident, came across as someone who was professional in her approach and concerned that a member of staff had allegedly failed to put into practice what he had been taught in training.

East Lothian Licensing Standards officer Rudi Fruzynski also backed Ms Duncan, describing her as a "very competent and professional premises manager".

The police report said the seller had been cautioned and charged with allegedly selling alcohol to a child or young person.

The licensing board will consider the licence at a virtual meeting next week.