A LAWYER who uses photography to de-stress has seen one of her images published in a prestigious book.

Cheryl Bradley’s photograph was shortlisted at the Scottish Nature Photography Awards for 2019.

The image, Man Vs Nature, impressed the judges in the environmental category and has now been published in the Scottish Nature Photography Award portfolio book, which was released in September.

She said: “It is quite good to see the picture in the portfolio book.

“I only started doing photography in 2016 after I graduated from university.

“This is my first real published photograph so I was quite excited to see that.”

The Prestonpans resident got up early one morning in April 2019 before making a trip east to Barns Ness.

There, she was able to capture an image of a roe deer, with the chimney and smoke from Dunbar’s cement factory in the background.

The 26-year-old said: “I’m a solicitor in Midlothian.

“Photography, for me, is my way to de-stress after work.

“I’m quite interested in nature photography and landscape photography; anything I can turn my hand to.

“I would give anything a go but nature and landscape are my favourites.

“I go down to Barns Ness quite a lot because it is a nature reserve.

“I had seen there were roe deer there and there were quite a lot to be photographed. It seemed to fit into the category, which was about man’s impact on nature.”

Now, Cheryl is hoping to be selected for this year’s Scottish Nature Photography Awards and hopes to send in more images to be judged.

The deadline for images is at the end of this month.