AN EAST Lothian beach has made it into a top 10 list of the “best sounds of the great British outdoors”.

Compiled by outdoor equipment brand Cotswold Outdoor, in partnership with wildlife field recordist Pete Smith and Helen Glover MBE, double-Olympic gold medallist in rowing, the top-10 list sees “the sound of wind blowing through the grass at sand dunes at Tyninghame Beach” at number eight.

Mr Smith, a sound designer who lives just outside Edinburgh, said: “To me, sound is everything, so it has been interesting how people have tuned into the sounds of their surroundings more than ever throughout 2020.”

He added: “It was the year that everything stopped and, as the traffic noise quietened during lockdown and our streets fell silent, the sounds of the outdoors became acutely more noticeable.”

Pete spent two days in the field, prior to the latest lockdown measures, capturing examples of sounds for the top 10 list for Cotswold Outdoor, as well as sourcing sounds from his archive and other libraries.

Helen added: “I will always enjoy coastal walks accompanied by the ebb and flow of the tide, particularly on a stormy day when the waves are roaring and crashing.”

The crunching of autumn leaves underfoot topped the list of the best sounds of the natural world identified by the team, with rain on a tent in the Scottish Highlands at number four.

The sounds are all now available to listen to at