EAST Lothian could see Covid restrictions eased this week after the First Minister hinted today that at least one Level 3 local authority was being considered for a move to Level 2.

Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s review of the restrictions, Nicola Sturgeon told reporters that one council “maybe more” was being considered for a move down.

And she pointed to her comments last week when she named a number of councils on the cusp of going down.

She told reporters: “I’ll refer you to the list from last week, East Lothian for example.”

The rate of infection in East Lothian is currently listed as 58.8 cases per 100,000 cases.

Neighbouring Midlothian’s case rate has fallen even further to 54.3, making it another council which could be arguing to come out of Level 3.

Meanwhile Scottish Borders, which is in Level 2, has a 53.7 rate per 100,000.