A FAMILY stuck in Greece after a Tranent man was stopped with an empty cannabis grinder in Qatar a year ago are heading home.

Conor Howard, along with mum Adele and step-dad Robert, will return to Scotland over the weekend after Greek courts dismissed extradition.

The former Ross High School pupil had travelled to Corfu in September to visit his mum and step-dad, only to discover an international arrest warrant was out for him.

He spent time in a Greek jail before being released and has now been told he is able to come home.

Interpol and extradition expert Radha Stirling, who is representing Conor, 27, issued a statement on the ruling yesterday (Wednesday).

They said: “Conor Howard and his family are naturally relieved by today’s ruling to dismiss Qatar’s extradition request, but these are proceedings that Conor never should have had to endure in the first place. Conor was questioned in Doha for carrying an herb grinder in transit from Australia to the UK.

“The grinder was confiscated but he was allowed to continue on to the UK and thought nothing more of it until he was arrested in Greece on the basis of an Interpol Red Notice almost three months ago. Conor was detained in a foreign prison and forced to undergo extradition proceedings from a country with a dubious human rights record and a history of Interpol abuse.”

During the legal battle, 55-year-old Robert took unwell and had to go to hospital.

Conor’s step-sister Lauren Young, who lives in Wallyford, was pleased to see the issue moving forward but stressed there was still work to do, saying: “Conor will be coming back to Scotland over the weekend but the warrant still stands. There is still a bit of work to go but he is getting to come home.”

Radha added: “Conor has been unfairly detained, his father suffered a heart attack as a result of the stress and the financial impact huge.

“Others have suffered PTSD and health issues following their arrests abroad.

“Conor thought he faced years in a desert prison with a terrible human rights record. This is a family’s worst nightmare and they should never have had to go through this.”

Kenny MacAskill, MP for East Lothian, has been involved in trying to help the family.

He said: "I'm delighted that the nightmare for him and his family is over, and he is able to come home.

"It has been fraught and so unnecessary."

An online fundraising appeal is set to remain in place as the legal fight continues – donate at gofundme.com/f/free-conor-howard