AN IMPASSIONED plea has been made by a community stalwart for people to stick to coronavirus regulations.

Lockdown restrictions have been imposed throughout the Central Belt in Scotland as the country continues the fight against the global pandemic.

Jan Wilson, chairwoman of Haddington’s community council, called on people to listen to the guidance being provided.

She said: “We are in the throes of an increase in people who have been diagnosed with it.

“I would like people to just take a wee thought to themselves if they are going about hugging other people.

“The majority of people are staying within the rules but these are not the ones affected by it.

“It affects other people; it could be their relatives, it is staff in hospitals – doctors, nurses, porters, cleaners – all these people that have to keep jobs going.”

Strict lockdown restrictions were introduced in the middle of March, with community resilience groups set up across East Lothian.

In Haddington, the group, led by Chris McEwan and involving a number of other community councillors and members of the public, helped people with a wide range of tasks while also assisting other groups, such as Our Community Kitchen.

As well as collecting prescriptions, volunteers came forward to pick up shopping for people who were shielding.

Mrs Wilson said: “I’ve not been in a shop since February.

“I am too frightened of the virus because I am vulnerable not just because of asthma or angina but my age as well.

“I’m not seeing my family as I would like to as a result, but I want to keep myself safe and hope others want to do the same.”

Mrs Wilson, who also took the time to man the phones during the pandemic, and speak to people who were feeling vulnerable, joined the community council in 1994 and replaced Malcolm Lyon as the group’s chairperson two years later.

She has been at the helm ever since and is getting ready to celebrate her 25th year as chairwoman.

The group held a virtual meeting last Tuesday evening, when Mrs Wilson urged people to heed the guidance of governments.

She said: “We are lucky some of us can stay in our own house and keep safe but I just want to ask the whole of Scotland or Britain just to listen to what governments are saying.

“That this is a dangerous, dangerous virus and it needs to be hit on the head.”