A PLEA has been launched for the return of a special hand-painted plate.

The plate, pictured right, was given by Port Seton resident Jade Smith to her gran, Mary Logan, who was “proud as punch” of the creative gift.

But when Mary was forced by illness to move from her home on West Loan, Prestonpans, into Fidra House nursing home in North Berwick, many of her belongings were given away – including, accidentally, the hand-painted plate.

Jade, 29, said: “When my nana went into a home in 2019, most of her belongings were donated to charity.

“The Salvation Army received most of her stuff and one woman said she had seen it [the plate] in the shop, but it’s no longer there so it must have been sold.”

Sadly, Mary passed away in August, leaving Jade with neither her gran nor the plate.

The plate was painted by a 10-year-old Jade when she was on holiday in Cancun, Mexico, with her parents.

Jade said: “I’m not really arty at all, so when I took it home to my nana she was absolutely mind blown by it.

“She had it proudly displayed on her wall for over a decade.

“I’ve contacted every charity shop in East Lothian but sadly no one can locate it.

“After posting a picture of it on a local Facebook page, a woman commented that she had seen the plate in the Salvation Army shop in Prestonpans but sadly it is no longer there.

“I’m genuinely heartbroken without my nana and I just want sentimental things to remind me of her.

“She had that plate on her wall for years because she was proud as punch of it and I really just want it back.”