THE rescue of two dog walkers and their pet will take to the television screen on Tuesday.

Dunbar’s RNLI crews, along with Coastguard teams from the town, Berwick and Eyemouth, were called out to rescue the walkers after they were caught out by rising tides and high winds.

The rescue is the latest incident to feature in the popular BBC television series Saving Lives at Sea.

The show, now in its fifth series, outlines the life-saving work of the RNLI volunteers up and down the country.

Both Dunbar’s inshore (ILB) and all-weather (ALB) lifeboats were called into action after the two female walkers found themselves stranded on rugged coastline near Bilsdean, south-east of Torness, in September last year.

Although the walkers had checked the tidal times and knew the area well, they were caught out by the height of the tide and high winds.

UK Coastguard teams were also on scene and, amid worsening conditions, the only options available were to help the walkers up steep cliffs or reach the ILB.

In challenging conditions, Alan Blair, Dunbar ILB helm, managed to drop two of his crew off to help the casualties – and their Staffordshire bull terrier – aboard.

The grateful walkers were then transferred to the ALB and taken to Dunbar Harbour none the worse for their ordeal.

Alan said: “The high winds and height of tide made the approach slightly challenging but we were able to find a berth safe enough for the casualties to reach and, with the crew’s help, they were able to get aboard.

“Our biggest worry was how the dog would react to the crew but he took it in his stride too!”

Alan’s crew that day included the oldest and youngest ILB members of the Dunbar crew in 52-year-old Allan Ross and Kieran Fairbairn, 18.

It is not the first time that the RNLI crew has featured on the television series, which is screened on BBC2 at 8pm.

In September last year, the programme revisited a rescue which saw three youngsters become stranded near the ‘eye cave’, near the town’s swimming pool.

Coastguard and lifeboat crews managed to get to the youngsters – a boy and girl aged 12 and an 11-year-old girl – before they were injured and with a rising tide in November 2018.

Crew member Rebecca Miller was involved in both of those rescues.

The documentary series will also be available on BBC iPlayer following the broadcast.