YOUNGSTERS going to school are being urged to ‘layer up’ to keep warm ahead of winter.

Coronavirus restrictions have impacted upon how lessons are traditionally delivered at schools across the country.

At the same time, pupils are also being asked to wear face coverings in social areas.

Schoolchildren are also being advised to make sure that they are wearing suitable clothing for the weather conditions.

The issue was highlighted by Sue Cook, headteacher at Haddington’s Knox Academy, in the school’s weekly newsletter.

She said: “As it gets colder outside and classrooms remain well ventilated, it would be good to plan for this in terms of layering up.

“We would like to suggest that in preparation for this that young people be able to wear a plain black fleece in classes (not hooded tops – as we have a no hooded top policy at the school for health and safety reasons).

“This plain black fleece can be a half or full zip.

“This will also mean that our young people still have a jacket they can put on top for going outdoors to keep warm.

“As young people are all wearing face coverings in social areas and corridors, it is also important they are wearing our school uniform as this is the easiest way to check that all in the school are indeed members of Knox Academy.”

A spokeswoman for East Lothian Council said: “All of our schools are emphasising the importance of dressing for the conditions, whether that is outdoor clothing appropriate for wet weather, or an extra layer for inside where rooms must be well ventilated under current guidelines to minimise risks of transmission.

“Our schools will be taking a sensible approach to the autumn and winter weather conditions, and will balance the need for fresh air inside classrooms with the need to remain comfortable when temperatures outside fall.

“Pupils attending school with an extra layer that they can wear inside or outside will be helpful in this process.”