A HUNGRY thief has been caught raiding a Tranent shop – and making off with dozens of morning rolls.

The "desperate" crook turns up every morning at 4am and grabs bags containing 48 of the rolls from the uSave store at the town’s New Row.

The hooded man’s early-morning crime sprees over the past two weeks have been recorded on CCTV and the shop’s management have now taken to social media in a bid to shame the thief.

The uSave store’s Facebook post said: “This desperate guy comes to steal morning rolls every morning at 4am.

“Can you stop stealing as you’re being watched and an action will be taken about this.”

The store has confirmed the man has struck every morning for the past two weeks but don’t want to involve the police just yet.

Locals have also slammed the brazen thief, while others have found the funny side to his early-morning antics.

June Watt said: “Unbelievable – send [the] footage to the police. Stealing rolls today – he will try something else tomorrow.”

Ali Anderson posted: “The rolls must be very good to get up at that time of morning.”

And Lorraine Currie added: “Certainly no a rugby player with they greyhound legs.”