QUESTIONS have been raised over plans for an electric bike station in the centre of Haddington.

East Lothian Council has unveiled a wide range of temporary changes for towns throughout the county, including the introduction of electric bikes.

Such bikes are already in place in Musselburgh, with the scheme expected to be rolled out across much of East Lothian.

However, Haddington’s community councillors have called for more information before deciding whether to give the project their backing.

Concerns included the potential siting of the bikes on High Street, as well as whether they would prove popular.

Erica Muirhead, from Haddington and District Community Council, led the call for more details and admitted she had “reservations about how much they will be used”.

She said: “I wonder if it is the best spend of money.

“I think the money could be put to better use for other improvements or enhancements to the town centre.

“I can understand them being well used in somewhere like Edinburgh and big cities but I really wonder how great an uptake there will be out here.

“I also have concerns about how they might be stored overnight and the risk of them ending up in the River Tyne.

“I don’t think it would take too much effort to dislodge them from whatever secure mountings there might be.

“During the summer, there is a better likelihood of them being used but, as we get into the winter weather, I would be very surprised how much they are used.

“I think people, when they want to cycle around, they like to cycle around in nicer weather rather than fighting the elements.”

Previously, East Lothian Council outlined the reasoning behind the introduction of the bike stations.

A spokesman said: “Electric or e-bikes will provide an alternative choice for public transport users and non-vehicle owners.

“E-bikes offer a greater mileage for commuting with less physical effort required and a safer means of physical distancing.”

Public Bike Share schemes have been introduced throughout the world, with many using docks which lock the bicycles in and release them for a small fee or with use of a card to users.

However, their success in the UK has been limited, with vandalism a major concern.

Other areas earmarked for the scheme include a number of East Lothian’s railway stations, including those at Prestonpans and Longniddry.

Councillor Tom Trotter, who represents the Haddington and Lammermuir ward, was among those at the community council meeting, which was held online.

He was keen to see the idea explored further and felt there were benefits, with the possibility of the bikes being located on Court Street, near John Muir House, being weighed up.

He said: “My understanding was the community council would be in support but it depended on where they were positioned.

“There is a lot happening in the High Street area.

“Realistically, would it be the best place? Probably not.

“Personally, I think it is a good idea.

“Every town is getting them and it encourages people to cycle – it ticks all the boxes.”