The new 20mph speed limits I considered a good idea. But they are blatantly ignored more than half the time.

I stood and watched at 8am on Saturday and at least half, if not more, of the cars were belting along as usual, well over 30mph.

Two heavy lorries thundered past, going over the crossing at 60mph at least. They were not local delivery vans.

The crossing at the corner shop, apart from the lights, now has almost no road markings at all and surely should have 20mph and clear lines too on the road itself.

All of this could have been done with social distancing.

And now quite a lot of roadworks are being carried on in Gullane and North Berwick with temporary traffic lights yet again. I thought all local villages were to be 20mph – as we are constantly reminded, ‘speed kills’.

I understand the increased number of cars these days but Gullane’s Goose Green is being used as a car park on three sides now, as well as a green area at the top which is not even level but eight or nine cars were parked there the other day, making it impossible to see what was coming down towards the green.

The speed limits in North Berwick are all over the place, 30mph then 20mph – no wonder folk get confused and very few people are obeying them anyway.

Yes, we want safer roads, but whoever is in charge of this, for goodness sake put a bit more thought into it and do it properly.

Pat Morris (Mrs)

Hopetoun Terrace