EAST Lothian Council has no plans to introduce a time limit at a Dunbar town centre car park, despite calls from the town’s community council to do so.

Complaints have been made for a number of years about the Abbeylands car park, off High Street, being full for large chunks of the day.

Dunbar Community Council has again called for consideration for the possibility of a time limit being introduced, in the hope that would result in a greater turnover of traffic.

But a spokeswoman for the local authority said it “did not have any plans to introduce time limits at present”.

Loretta Stewart, from the town’s community council, said: “As far as I was aware, Abbeylands car park was made for shoppers.

“Shoppers cannot get in because people are parking there all day – one would assume they are getting on the train.

“I use the shops on High Street but the parking is just a farce.”

Visitors can park on High Street but face a 90-minute time limit.

The Abbeylands car park, which has more than 30 spaces, was opened in 2015.

Discussions have taken place over what the time limit could be, with suggestions of anywhere between 90 minutes and four hours.

The issue also came up at a public exhibition earlier this year which looked at the overall parking situation in the town, including the possibility of a 25-space car park at the Coastguard site between Woodbush and Church Street.

Those proposals were turned down, while discussions also looked at the possibility of extending the town’s railway station car park – where visitors pay to park – and changing Abbeylands car park from long stay to short stay.

Ward councillor Paul McLennan encouraged the community council to back a time limit.

The council spokeswoman said: “Consideration has been given to introducing some double yellows at specific locations within the car park to stop inconsiderate parking. Any further plans would need to be considered by elected members.”