RECOGNISABLE views across East Lothian by a famous artist have been captured in a new publication.

Described as one of the great postcard artists of his time, Reginald P Phillimore [1855-1941] spent much of his life in North Berwick.

Avid postcard collector Dr Jan Bondeson released a book in 2018 examining the artist’s Edinburgh postcards and has now turned his attention to those featuring East Lothian, with R. P. Phillimore’s East Lothian released last month.

He said: “In Edwardian times, he was one of Britain’s postcard kingpins.

“In those days, they cost just a penny and ordinary people could afford to buy up a collection.

“He was very popular, particularly in Scotland, but also in England.”

Manchester-born Phillimore moved to North Berwick in the mid-1890s after he was left a house in the town by his aunts.

He turned his hand to postcards, with North Berwick scenes becoming a firm favourite of his.

Dr Bondeson, who lives in Dunbar, told the Courier: “He lived on Melbourne Road by the seaside.

“He could see the Bass Rock from his study window and in those days you could go from Canty Bay to Bass Rock on a little steamer.

“He was there more than once to paint the birds, lighthouse and castle ruins.

“He had a fascination for North Berwick.”

It was not just the Bass Rock that caught his eye, though, with Tantallon Castle and the Blackadder Church also proving particular inspiration.

Further afield, his postcards also featured Gullane, Dirleton, Dunbar and Spott.

He died in North Berwick, aged 86, on December 24,1941.

Phillimore’s connection to North Berwick was celebrated when a street in the Ferrygate Meadow housing development, to the west of the town, was in 2017 named Phillimore Square.

Dr Bondeson, previously a clinical senior lecturer at Cardiff University, explained he enjoyed postcards as they gave a chance to see how a location had changed over time. He estimated his collection numbered about 20,000 postcards.

The 57-year-old said: “I have around 350 Phillimore postcards and then albums with cards of Edinburgh in particular.

“I don’t bother with the rest of Scotland and have a lot of Dunbar and East Lothian cards.

“I have a lot of London cards and I used to write books about London and London criminals.

“I have an album full of cards about criminals and medical freaks and an album about various strange performers, snake charmers and strange animals.”

R. P. Phillimore’s East Lothian is available from Amazon.