I was on the bus from Musselburgh to Gullane when a man came upstairs without a mask. He proceeded to cough and splutter. I immediately felt unsafe and moved my seat.

We need to feel confident and safe if we are to go into town or travel about on the bus or train. However, recent research found that over 40 per cent of passengers on public bus transport failed to wear face coverings, although they are compulsory.

Allowing for a small number who are exempt, there are obviously a large number who know there is little chance of them being challenged or caught. Hence, no consequences for not wearing a mask.

We do not want to put drivers in danger by having to be on the frontline in the battle to protect us from this virus but it needs to be quickly sorted out. The police should hand out on-the-spot large fines of at least £200 to anyone not able to prove they are exempt. This is the normal in other countries, where those exempt must show a certificate for their exemption as provided by the doctor.

Until we have the chance of being challenged and the consequences of flouting the law, it will indeed be ignored by many.

Tony Martin

Muirfield Crescent