TWO mini roundabouts could be created on one of the main entrances to Dunbar in a bid to slow down traffic.

East Lothian Council is weighing up the possibility of altering the junction of Belhaven Road and Summerfield Road, as well as the junction of Belhaven High Street, Brewery Lane and Duke Street.

Under the plans, mini roundabouts would be created in both areas. Speed cushions, like those outside Dunbar Grammar School on Summerfield Road, are also suggested for Belhaven High Street.

A spokeswoman for East Lothian Council said: “The Dunbar community has long expressed a desire for more measures that would reduce vehicle speeds in the area.

“This has led to the creation of a permanent 20 miles per hour (mph) speed zone across the town but excluding the arterial roads of Queens Road, Belhaven Road and Kellie Road. These reduced limits have been temporarily expanded under Spaces for People to cover a wider area, in keeping with the approach in other towns across the county.

“The proposals for mini-roundabouts have been put forward as part of proposals to reduce speeds on Queens Road, Belhaven Road and Kellie Road to make it safer for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.

“Speed surveys were undertaken in these areas last year which found there were still a significant number of vehicles travelling at more than 30mph.

“Unfortunately the character of the roads, being generally straight with few driveways or on-street activity, does not encourage drivers to slow down.

“Earlier in the year, we agreed with the community that we would look at other traffic calming measures when funds and opportunities presented.

“Spaces for People provides that opportunity to trial temporary measures to bring traffic speeds down and create a safer environment.”

No decision has been taken on whether to take the idea forward and put it in place on a trial basis.

A meeting took place late last month, attended by representatives from the local authority, as well as members of the town’s community council and primary school parent council.

Among those in attendance was Jacquie Bell, secretary of the community council.

The Belhaven High Street resident had shared the proposals online and been met with a largely negative response, particularly for the junction with Brewery Lane, the street where Belhaven Brewery is based.

She said: “If you look online, I have had two positive comments and the rest have been really negative, inferring it is a stupid idea, it’s dangerous, etc.

“There are concerns about coming out of Brewery Lane and the sight lines and the size of the lorries.”

She noted larger vehicles were already mounting the pavement and did not think adding a mini roundabout would ease the problem.

Similar concerns were also raised about the prospect of creating a mini roundabout at the junction of Belhaven Road and Summerfield Road.

Various proposals and suggestions are being drawn up for East Lothian’s towns to assist in social distancing, while also improving opportunities for walking and cycling.

A number of ideas have been drawn up for Dunbar, including a proposal for the introduction of speed cushions on Kellie Road. A third mini roundabout – at the junction of Queens Road, Golf House Road and Roxburghe Park – is also being considered.