A TRIO of whisky enthusiasts are calling on dram lovers around the globe to help break a world record for an online whisky tasting event at Whitecraig next week.

Graham Blaikie, owner of the Mercat Bar & Grill in the village; Neil Forbes, from Haddington, who set up Saltire Executive Golf and Travel; and Grzegorz Wozny, an IT specialist from Edinburgh, who runs Simple Office Support in Edinburgh, are co-founders of 1775 Whisky Passport – described as “Scotland’s newest whisky club”.

The three, who between them have 30 years’ experience in the drinks and hospitality industry, started the club as they share a passion for single malt whisky.

To celebrate the official launch of 1775 Whisky Passport, they are hoping to smash a world record for the most viewers for a whisky tasting event live stream on a bespoke platform.

The trio want to exceed the current minimum requirement for the world record of 1,500 by 100 per cent and get 3,000 whisky loving folks signed up for the challenge.

Those wishing to be involved should register between now and 8pm on September 4 via the link 1775wp.com

A link will be sent to the platform StarLeaf, allowing people to join the ‘virtual’ record-breaking event at 8.30pm.

Participants can also watch Mr Blaikie and Mr Forbes run 1775 Whisky Passport’s 30-minute official launch show broadcast live from the Mercat Bar & Grill.

The pair, who are “highly knowledgeable on the water of life”, are expected to deliver an entertaining show, with a guest star appearance by a renowned whisky expert also promised.

There will also be a tasting session in which everyone can participate from home, if they wish, by purchasing the tasting pack in advance from 1775whiskypassport.com/shop

During all of this, the world record will be attempted.

Mr Blaikie, treasurer of the Scottish Licensed Trade Association, said: “We’re so excited about our official launch and hopefully smashing a new world record.

“With our passion for single malt whiskies and our desire to share our love and knowledge about this wonderful drink with others, we created 1775 Whisky Passport, our new whisky club, that offers so much more than just whisky tastings.

“We felt there was a real space for an organisation that could bring whisky lovers together in a more fun yet still informative manner, where we treat our members like best friends and friendships evolve through our shared passion for our national drink.

“Every Friday, myself and Neil Forbes will run our virtual whisky tasting at 8.30pm and we hand pick a selection of malts to explore together.

“We encourage our viewers to interact with us and, for those in Europe wishing to try our selected whiskies, these can be pre-purchased on our website.

“As we move out of lockdown, we plan to have good old-fashioned ‘round the table’ tastings, with special guest appearances from master blenders, member trips to Scottish distilleries, discounts off entry and purchases at Scottish distilleries, as well as money off food and drink venues across the country.

“For a £25 annual membership fee, we will also give members a 1775 whisky glass, miniature dram and plant an oak tree on joining.

“We do hope people will join us on September 4 to break a world record.”

To become a member of 1775 Whisky Passport, sign up at 1775whiskypassport.com