DUNBAR’S lifeboat volunteers were called out in the early hours of this morning (Sunday) to help a yacht in trouble.

The crew received a call shortly before 1.40am to assist the small yacht, which was drifting five miles offshore after suffering engine failure.

The crew launched the all-weather lifeboat, with an update coming in from UK Coastguard that the casualties’ batteries were running low.

There was relief when the vessel was successfully located before their navigation lights cut out on an otherwise dark and overcast night.

RNLI volunteers put the yacht under tow and returned to Dunbar at about 3.40am.

Dunbar’s RNLI volunteers have been called out on two out of three previous lifeboat days, as well as on a number of occasions in the years before.

It has become a tradition recognised by the crew and close supporters alike. 

Dunbar’s ‘Virtual Lifeboat Fete’ has been organised by the local fundraising committee as a replacement to the traditional, and much-loved, public event after its cancellation was necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Veronica Davies, chairperson of the town’s RNLI fundraising committee, said: “I know how special ‘Lifeboat Day’ and the traditions behind it are to the community and that’s why we couldn’t let a year go by without marking it in some way.

“We hope our ‘Virtual Lifeboat Fete’ captures your imagination.”

The ‘Virtual Lifeboat Fete’ is hosted on the team’s fundraising Facebook page where a number of community focussed and socially distanced events and competitions are available enter.

For more, go to www.facebook.com/DunbarLifeboatFundraising