IT MIGHT have been raining earlier on this week but the sun is shining and summer has arrived in East Lothian as temperatures are expected to surpass 20 degrees Celsius for most of today (Friday).

Temperatures started off high this morning and were about 14 Celsius as early as 7am and 8am.

However by 10am they soon peaked to 20 Celsius and will continue to climb for the rest of the morning and into the afternoon with highs of 27 and 28 Celsius expected from 2pm-5pm.

Temperatures will remain above 20 Celsius until 11pm when there may also be a chance of rain overnight.

Winds speeds also remain low throughout the day.

The high temperatures remain constant overnight, dropping to no lower than 16 Celsius.

The good weather spell is expected to remain constant throughout the weekend but temperatures will only reach a maximum of 19 and skies will be cloudier but winds remain light.

With the good weather forecast for this weekend, East Lothian Police expects high numbers of visitors to the county’s coastal areas and beaches.

In response to this they urged members of the public to adhere to social distancing guidelines and remember that there are alcohol bylaws in place throughout East Lothian.

A spokesperson added: “Also, so that everyone can enjoy our outdoor spaces, please be considerate and take litter home with you.

“Our officers will be conducting hi-visibility patrols, along with East Lothian Council community wardens and countryside rangers, across the county over the weekend, both during the day and in the evenings.

“Please enjoy our beautiful coastline and parks but do so responsibly and safely.”

For more information on the alcohol bylaws visit