A CHARITY which offers transport to people with mobility challenges is back up and running.

HcL Transport (Handicabs) is running its Dial-A-Ride service again after it was impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

While the service was operational during lockdown, it was limited to urgent medical appointments and funerals.

Now, new enhanced cleaning procedures have been introduced both daily and between journeys, with drivers wearing PPE including masks.

Passengers must wear masks, unless they have medical reasons to prevent them doing so.

A maximum of four passengers from one household can travel at this time, accompanied by a carer.

HcL Transport is a local charity that runs transportation services for people with mobility challenges across Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Through Dial-A-Ride and Dial-A-Bus services, it helps the elderly, people of any age with disabilities or additional support needs, or those affected by geographic remoteness that makes public transport difficult or impossible to use.

For more information, call 0131 447 9949.