A WORRIED mum-of-two has launched an anti-speeding campaign in Whitecraig.

Maxine Paige Maxwell, 26, who lives in the Deantown area of the village, is fed up with the speed some vehicles are travelling at on local streets and contacted her MSP Colin Beattie about the issue.

She has also launched a petition calling on East Lothian Council to improve traffic calming measures by introducing a 15mph speed limit and providing safer places for pedestrians to cross the main road through the village.

Maxine highlighted a speeding problem in streets in the village – where the speed limit is 30mph – including housing areas, and claimed that speed bumps failed to slow down vehicles.

She claimed: “Many have noticed the speed of the cars going up and down the streets in the village.

“The measures already there do not do anything to stop these drivers going faster than they should, resulting in road traffic accidents with family pets.”

She feared that children were also at risk, adding: “I am hoping for improved measures to be taken in Whitecraig to limit the cars to 15mph going around the village houses, to have better speed control on the main road and safer places to cross.

“I will not wait for a child to be the next victim of these drivers.

“I want us all to feel safer and at ease to let our animals out, and to let our children go out and play safely.”

She mooted the idea of a speed camera on the main road and another set of traffic lights with a pedestrian crossing.

Maxine added: “The village is full of children and it’s scary to think what could happen and what it will take for people to slow down and drive how they did in their test.

“I do like living in Whitecraig but the speed the cars go up small village streets really worries and irritates me so much.”

Her call has been echoed by Evonne Henderson after her mum’s 11-month-old cat Louis died after being hit by a car in the village recently.

She said: “ I just want drivers to slow down whilst in the village.

“The speed some of them go is frightening.

“I don’t want to see anyone else go through the grief of losing a beloved pet or, God forbid, a child or relative due to recklessness.

“I’m very aware animals can be a bit unpredictable when it comes to roads but, if vehicles were slower, they would have more chance to get out of the way in time.

“[Louis] was found on the grass opposite the opening to Deantown Drive, which is Whitecraig Gardens.”

Mr Beattie said: “I can confirm a constituent has been in touch with our office regarding the topic of speeding in Whitecraig and we are working with the relevant bodies to look into this matter.”

A spokesperson for East Lothian Council said: “The enforcement of speeding is a Police Scotland responsibility. We will work with police regarding any road safety concerns.

“As part of the Spaces for People initiative, we are looking at introducing temporary 20mph limits in all towns and villages.”

The petition is at change.org/p/east-lothian-council-improve-traffic-calming-measures-in-whitecraig-village