I AM FRUSTRATED that the Tory Government in Westminster is seeking to erode the powers of the Scottish Parliament in a serious power grab.

The Tory Government is trying to put in place a UK internal market following Brexit, where the devolved UK nations would have to adhere to Westminster’s standards in future trade deals.

The proposal would mean that Scotland would lose out on the power to agree to rules which would affect us, and decisions made in Westminster would be imposed on Scotland and the other devolved nations.

Given Boris Johnson’s track record, we know what this means for the UK and we should expect ridiculous trade deals with Trump which don’t meet basic standards.

Though it seems currently that this is simply a constitutional argument, it is important that we realise the threat that this presents to our trade going forward.

We do not want to see lowered food standards, or diminished safety standards on our goods.

Clearly, Westminster are trying to push through a policy that means the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish Parliaments do not get a say in these matters, and it is important that we make sure this doesn’t happen.

The Prime Minister seems to be in a panic over polls which show a majority for independence and is visiting Scotland to repair broken relationships as a result, but the Scottish people have had their eyes opened and seen the dangers of trusting a Tory Government.

The coronavirus pandemic has proven their values, and we deserve a government that prioritises its people and their safety.

I welcome the reopening of beauty salons and hairdressers and I know that this will be a relief for the many business owners who are seeking to reopen their salons, as well as to those who make use of their services.

Beauty salons and hairdressers make a valuable contribution to our economy and I am glad that they will once again resume their business.