HOT tub suites facing out onto the North Sea could be created at a Dunbar hotel.

The ambitious proposals would see a three-storey building built between the Bayswell Park Hotel and the cliffs to the north.

Nine new suites could be created as part of the plans, which would also see a new restaurant built.

According to a supporting statement included within the planning application: “The existing business model is barely sustainable, and the overarching objective of the development is to invest c.£750,000 in infrastructure improvements to secure the future of the hotel.

“The development proposals will address weaknesses, strengthen the enterprise, promote higher occupancy levels, deliver a much-improved standard of service that will attract customers and, most importantly, facilitate the delivery of a top-quality hotel.”

The proposals would see changes made to the existing hotel building, as well as the construction of a new annexe.

Inside the hotel, which dates back more than 120 years, four single rooms would be altered to create two double/twin rooms.

On the western side of the hotel, which is on the town’s Bayswell Park, a new dining area would be created.

The new 50-cover restaurant and improved lounge bar would see the removal of the conservatory and the construction of “greatly improved facilities”.

According to the supporting statement: “The present areas are too small, and the new restaurant and lounge bar will provide a spacious attractive welcoming ambiance. The comfortable, high-quality dining and relaxation space will be available for both resident guests and for non-resident clients.”

The new annexe would offer visitors impressive views over the cliffs and out to the North Sea.

Drawings show the three-storey building – with three suites on each floor – built into the sloping land, with outdoor hot tubs.

The statement reads: “The existing hot tub suites are spectacularly unique; incredibly popular; and are delivering high premium occupancy rates and attracting guests to Dunbar from all over Scotland and from the north of England.

“The present number and type of letting rooms is not sufficient to sustain a business model which includes a very high level of service provision – particularly when some potential revenue income sources are not deliverable (e.g. functions); or have greatly declined (e.g. bar trade) – over recent years.

“Consolidation of four single rooms into two double/twin rooms will result in the number of bedrooms within the hotel being reduced by two, with the combined proposals showing a net increase of seven rooms.”

Other works proposed for the hotel include the installation of a lift and ambulant toilet facilities, as well as improving the parking outside the hotel.

The proposed developments, which are being weighed up by East Lothian Council’s planning department, are the latest changes at the hotel, which currently has 16 bedrooms and five suites.

In 2008, a dining room and conservatory extension was built, and in 2014 a decked area and four private hot tubs were added.

Community councillors in the town had mixed views on the proposals, which were discussed on Monday evening.

Jacquie Bell, secretary of the group, said there were neighbours who were “really, really concerned about the proposals”.

She noted that social media had also given a mixed picture, with some questioning the design of the annexe building and the safety of building on that area of land.

However, community councillor Craig Rapson said: “There is a need for hotel accommodation in Dunbar.

“Comments about safety issues – they are not going to build something if it is not safe.”

George Robertson, also a community councillor, agreed that there was a need for improved accommodation in the town and felt the scheme could not be “condemned” out right.

Ahead of the meeting, Pippa Swan, chairwoman of the group, said that there were mixed views within the community council.

She said: “I think we as a community council are going to be guided somewhat by the response of the neighbours.

“The feedback from the community council has been mixed.

“There is a genuine support for anything that would bring a high-quality addition to the accommodation offered in Dunbar.”