North Berwick developed its success as a leading golf resort as a result of its unique position on the East Lothian coast and the wisdom and sensitivity of its leaders in taking advantage of this without sacrificing the natural beauty.

Today we are faced with a proposal to turn part of one of these beautiful natural sites, in a designated conservation area, into an unsightly car park.

Having been born and brought up in North Berwick and able to take advantage of the foresight of our forefathers, I was astonished to find not only that the proposal had been ‘approved’, but that it had been made at all. This is a vulnerable site and the suggestion of ‘temporary’ use is no guarantee.

I am well aware of the problems of parking in our commercially vibrant High Street and all the efforts made over the years to come up with a solution.

But parking cars on Elcho Green, a uniquely placed recreational facility for young and old, is not one of them. It would be an act of vandalism comparable with covering the gravestones in the old graveyard, which from a parking point of view would be even more convenient.

George Finlayson CMG CVO

Craigleith View

North Berwick